Silencing the Guns in Africa

Last year on international peace day I was one of the people tweeting about peace from South Africa. I was part of the team of youth who were tasked with a youth agenda to spread the message of peace. We worked so hard that day, some of our colleagues were in Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Ethiopia. We tweeted, face booked and retweeted. However on the same day West gate mall in Kenya got attacked by Terrorists. I was shattered for days. All my tweets and peace messages immediately lost their meaning. I remember how a colleague from Nigeria and I were in awe of the incident. We couldn’t believe what just happened. How our flow of work got disturbed by what we stood against.

For hours the terrorist held people hostage, pictures of both police and children running around circulated. As this memory sank in my heart and mind I became more confused as to why would people wake up or spend days planning and training to attack a mall. What type of cowards do this. Plan such kind of deeds. Of course we could no longer talk about peace after that moment. We immediately forgot about our tweets and glued to our TV screen’s and social media to see if either people were going to be rescued or if at least justice was going to served. A year later it is international peace day. We have not forgotten about the West gate attack.

My heart still bleeds for those who lost their lives that day. I am not tweeting or spreading the messages of peace this year, but I have, a few days ago when I was in Kenya, made a commitment to myself, to my generation and to my continent that I will be part of the generation that vows to #SilenceTheGuns in Africa by 2020. This is #theAfricaWeWant to see. I will continue to do this through my advocacy, increasing youth participation, investing time to finding solutions to unemployment challenges and committing to nonviolent ways of solving conflict.

Be part of the movement #dgtrends let us all #SilenceTheGuns in Africa by 2020. A peaceful Africa for all1397722_911943225501860_6874642325763093388_o


I am that girl who stands on top of the ball called earth and as the ball rolls so does my life. Trying to balance without falling off. A risk taker, an advocate for youth policies and social entrepreneur.

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